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Cody 4 Piece Crib Set
Exclusive Crib Bedding and Accessories by bebe chic

All Boy - This sophisticated blue and brown set is just what every baby boy needs. The bumper is Crush Coco inside and Aspen Sky dots on the outside. Ties, top and bottom and cording are all in Chocolate Suede. Cotton Ottoman Sky sheet rests on a 16 inch tailored Crush dust ruffle with a trim of Aspen. A nine patch blanket combines all fabrics and is trimmed in Suede.

Please refer to our Returns and Exchanges Policy at it pertains to handcrafted items by bebe chic. This awesome set also offers a matching Star Pillow, Mobile, Valance, and Toy Bag for an extra fee.

4 Piece Crib Set


Crib Blanket
Fitted Crib Sheet
Dust Ruffle

price: $550.00
style # BCCody
shipping: free!

Please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery time.


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